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Custom landscaping designed and installed for a house in Beaufort, NC.

Lawn & Landscaping Company

In Beaufort, NC

We offer comprehensive lawn and landscaping packages including lawn care, lawn maintenance, and irrigation services.

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Reliable Lawn & Landscaping Services in Beaufort, NC

We take "America's Favorite Town" to the next level.

The small, scenic town of Beaufort, North Carolina is not to be confused with the larger city of Beaufort, South Carolina. Whether you are a long-time resident or just passing through, there is so much to learn about why Beaufort, NC was named America's Favorite Town by Travel + Leisure in 2014. Spend the day out on the water or take a stroll down the picturesque main street and you'll quickly see why so many people are drawn to this town.

With the average home value in Beaufort sitting well above $250,000, the residents of this water-front community take pride in their homes and expect the best, most reliable lawn and landscaping service. At Wood Lawn & Landscaping, we are up to the task. We offer a comprehensive list of services including our lawn care program, design and build landscaping services, and all things irrigation systems.

Customize Your Dream Landscape With Our Design & Installation Services

Landscape and planting - Whether you need to revamp your existing landscape bed or you want to redesign your whole landscape layout, we can help! Our team provides custom design services and installation for all of your softscape needs, including annual and perennial plant installation.

Fire pits and fireplaces - Stay warm and cozy outside with our custom-made fire pits and fireplaces. We use durable materials like pavers, rocks, and cultured stones to get the look just right!

Patios and walkways - Enhance your outdoor living space and increase your property value with our custom patio and walkway design and installation. The opportunities are endless with brick pavers, concrete pavers, flagstone, and natural stone materials.

Outdoor kitchens - Wow your friends and family with a new outdoor kitchen equipped with sinks, grills, pizza ovens, refrigerators, bars, seating walls, and much more!

Our lawn care package will give your yard year-round protection.

Fertilization - Feed your lawn with essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium all year long. We tailor your fertilization treatments to meet the needs of your specific grass type.

Weed control - Our lawn care package includes pre-emergent and post-emergent treatments to protect your lawn from weeds throughout the changing seasons. Common weeds in our area include henbit, dandelions, pennywort, and spurge.

Lawn disease and insect control - We can help identify signs of disease and insect infestations before they get out of control. Call our experts to help you both prevent and cure common lawn diseases like Large Patch and common insect infestations like grubs and mole crickets.

Aeration - Loosen up your compacted soil with our aeration service so that the roots of your grass can have better access to essential nutrients.

Sod Installation - Need a new lawn? Our crew can roll sod onto your soil and you'll be left with a green landscape in no time.

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Sign up for our lawn maintenance package to receive lawn mowing, string trimming, leaf removal, and more.

Lawn mowing - We offer different packages for our customers to choose from depending on how often they would like their grass cut. Every time our team shows up to mow your lawn, we will also string trim, edge, and blow off all remaining debris from your walkways and driveway.

Leaf removal - As part of the maintenance package, you will receive leaf removal services including disposal.

Annual flower planting - Beautiful seasonal color is included in our lawn maintenance package. We plant annuals during the spring and the fall seasons.

Yard cleanups - Our team will show up about 5-6 times a year to give your property a good refresh. This is available as an add-on service to our maintenance package.

Mulch and rock installation - Choose from a variety of colors and types of mulch and rocks for your landscape beds. Our mulch and rock installation service is available as an add-on to our lawn maintenance package.

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Our comprehensive irrigation services include installation, repairs, maintenance, startups, and winterization.

Irrigation Installation - We can both design and install your new irrigation system that has precise coverage zones and sprinkler head calibration to keep your lawn green and lush year-round.

Regular Irrigation Maintenance - As part of our full-service irrigation package, our crew will provide maintenance as needed throughout the year.

Irrigation Repairs - We can make any necessary repairs to your irrigation system to ensure that you are getting the best water coverage for your lawn.

Winterization - As the colder winter weather rolls around, you want to be sure that your irrigation system is equipped to handle it. Winterization includes turning off the system, clearing the lines/pipes, draining pumps, and disconnecting the system.

Startup - To reconnect your irrigation system after wintertime, we will prime and power up the pump, check your zone coverage, and test your sprinkler heads.

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We offer small tree trimming, removal, and stump grinding services.

Landscape Trimming - We can trim any small tree for appearance and safety reasons.

Tree Removal - Although we like to save as many trees as we can, sometimes they need to be removed for reasons such as disease and safety.

Stump grinding - Get rid of the stump left behind after tree removal with our stump grinding service.

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Our lawn and landscaping company has been taking care of the properties in Beaufort since 2005.

We are passionate about helping you create your dream landscape. Our lawn and landscaping company has been servicing the homes and businesses in the Beaufort area since 2005 and we take pride in going above and beyond for our customers. If your property is nearby and you are in need of any of the above services, call our office at (252) 727-5301 to schedule with us today.