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How Fire Pits & Fireplaces Extend Your Outdoor Living Space

How Fire Pits & Fireplaces Extend Your Outdoor Living Space

Adding custom elements that extend outdoor living is a popular trend right now as more people are desiring to spend less time indoors and spend more time outdoors. There are many ways you can extend your outdoor living space. One way is to add a custom fire pit or fireplace to your yard. A custom fire feature creates a gathering point for guests, extends the amount of time you can enjoy the outdoors, and provides ample entertainment opportunities.

Here are some ways fire pits and fireplaces extend your outdoor living in Morehead City, Newport, Atlantic Beach, and the surrounding areas.

A Fire Pit or Fireplace Creates a Focal Point and Enhances the Outdoor Environment

An outdoor fire pit that perfectly enhances its surrounding environment.

These days, more homeowners are trying new ways to extend their time outdoors and spend less time indoors. Adding a fire pit or fireplace to your home helps achieve this by drawing people outside to enjoy the ambiance created from a custom fire feature. Fire pits and fireplaces create a beautiful gathering space for friends and family to gather outdoors and creates a central focal point for your outdoor living areas. Whether you choose a gas or wood-burning feature, a circular or square one, fire pits and fireplaces complement your home’s architecture and enhance its surroundings.

Outdoor Fire Features Extend the Livability and Comfort of Outdoor Spaces

When the weather grows cold and it gets dark outside, your outdoor spaces become unusable. An outdoor fire feature...

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Why You Should Add a Custom Paver Patio to Your Outdoor Living Space

Why You Should Add a Custom Paver Patio to Your Outdoor Living Space

A custom patio is a great way to add curb appeal and valuable outdoor living space to your home and offers great ROI. An attractive, well-built patio makes it easier to enjoy your outdoor space and provides many long-lasting benefits. Choosing what material to build your patio is an important decision and greatly affects the durability and value of the patio you decide to add to your property.

Pavers are a great material to use when building a custom patio. They are highly durable, low maintenance, low-cost, and offer several possibilities to reflect your creativity while perfectly matching your home. Here are some reasons why you should add a custom paver patio to your outdoor living space in Morehead City, Newport, Atlantic Beach, and the surrounding areas.

A Paver Patio Is More Durable Than Other Patios

In comparison to other common materials used to build patios, pavers are superior and at the top of the durability scale. Pavers are sturdy, stable, and can stand up to the wear and tear of weather without needing maintenance. They are particularly great for homes that have a lot of foot traffic, as they don’t crack or deteriorate. Pavers are incredibly strong and long-lasting.

Pavers are perfect for outdoor living spaces in our areas of NC, where the weather and humidity can vary greatly because they are able to easily expand and contract without cracking. If you have a home with a pool, pavers are a great option as they are...

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