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Ways to Ensure Your Lawn & Landscaping Is Ready for Winter

Ways to Ensure Your Lawn & Landscaping Is Ready for Winter

Lawns and landscaping need to endure all manners of weather, including rain, wind, and snow. Winter weather can be particularly harsh on grass and landscape plants, and even routine snowfall can have a detrimental effect.

When ice forms on grass, it can make the blades brittle and all too easy to break—the same is true of other plant life. Routine lawn and landscape maintenance ensures your grass and plants will be vibrant and resilient enough to weather the winter months. That’s why it’s important to ready your lawn and landscaping for winter—a process known as winterization—which includes trimming plants, proper lawn mowing, and winter mulching, among other practices.

Here are some key reasons to ensure your lawn and landscaping is ready for winter in Morehead City, Newport, Atlantic Beach, and nearby cities in North Carolina.

1. Services such as proper lawn mowing, fertilization, and weed control help keep your lawn in optimal condition.

Hand pulling weeds in a landscaping bed in Morehead City, NC.

Since weakened grass is more susceptible to cold weather damage, it’s critical to maintain a healthy lawn year-round. Proper and consistent lawn mowing, fertilizing your grass at the proper intervals, and routine weed control—in addition to proper watering—all contribute to the overall health and optimal condition of your lawn. The stronger you keep your lawn throughout the year, the better prepared it will be come winter.

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