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Close up photo of a lawn that receives lawn treatments through our lawn care program.

Lawn Care Program In Morehead City, Newport, Atlantic Beach, & Nearby North Carolina Areas

We keep your lawn in optimal condition with our comprehensive lawn care treatments that include fertilizer, weed control, and lawn disease control.

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Full-Service Lawn Care in Morehead City, NC & Surrounding North Carolina Areas

Regular treatments of fertilization, weed control, and disease control ensure that residential and commercial lawns stay healthy.

Our lawn care program provides a slew of useful services, including regular fertilization, weed control, lawn disease treatments, and lawn insect control. Our team can help nurture the health of your lawn and landscaping throughout the year.

Lawn and soil health requires proactive measures. We make scheduled visits to residential and commercial properties in Morehead City, Newport, Atlantic Beach, and the nearby areas.

Healthy green yard from fertilizing in Morehead City, NC.

Benefits of Lawn Care Include Strength to Resist Pests, Plant Disease, & Lush, Green Growth

Regularly scheduled lawn care involves proactive treatments to keep grass and plants well-fed and weed-free. As root systems grow stronger, plants and grass are better able to push out weeds, grow fuller, resist infestation from common lawn pests, and fight off any fungal diseases that try to attack. With the right nutrients and support, your lawn will flourish.

We apply slow-release fertilizer with schedules that vary depending upon the type of grass at your property.

Our crew uses a Permagreen ride-on broadcaster and a walk-behind unit to deliver slow-release granular fertilizer for maximum coverage. Our region has four main types of grass, all with different fertilizer needs and treatment schedules.

Here is a basic rundown for each grass type:

  • Centipede Grass - Requires 2 treatments in the spring and early summer. The first one occurs two weeks after the grass greens up, the other is needed 30 days after.
  • St. Augustine & Zoysia Grass - Requires 4 treatments throughout the year, starting right after the grass greens up, and occurring every 30 days after
  • Bermuda Grass - Requires 6 treatments throughout the year, beginning after the grass greens up, and occurring every 30 days after. Service for this grass typically wraps up around September 1st.

We can also provide tree and shrub fertilization. Please contact our office with any questions about our services.

Our weed control program involves pre- and post-emergent treatments, which are customized for your grass type.

We have effective weed control treatments that target the exact types of weeds we encounter in our region. Our crews deliver pre- and post-emergent treatments to prevent growth and to kill weeds that have managed to germinate.

We offer 3 pre-emergent treatments in December, March/April, and August/September. During fertilization, our team will also provide spot treatments where needed. We also provide pH testing to determine which treatments will be most effective.

Common weeds in our area include:

Cool Season Weeds

  • Henbit
  • White and yellow clover
  • Dandelions
  • Chickweed

Summer Weeds

  • Pennywort
  • Spurge
  • Wild onion
  • Nutsedge
  • Crabgrass

Lawn disease, fungus, and insect control targets threats to your grass.

Our team can identify the signs of various lawn diseases and fungus growths in order to treat them before they destroy the plant. If you have had problems in the past with lawn disease, we can offer preventative treatments. Otherwise, we can treat problems as they arise. Below are a few examples of grass types and the diseases that can inflict them:

  • Centipede & Zoysia Grass - these grass types commonly suffer from large patch disease, which creates sizable dead areas that are often brown in color
  • Bermuda Grass - this grass often suffers from dollar patch lawn disease, which is easier to prevent that fight. The disease creates dead, brownish round patches scattered throughout the yard.

We provide insect control treatments to target the following bugs:

  • Mole crickets
  • Grubs
  • Armyworms
  • Chinch bugs
  • Many more

Our lawn pest service begins in the spring with a preventative grub treatment. Grub feeding takes place in March, mating is in January, and eggs are laid in May. Grub activity usually dies down May through August, which is when we return for another treatment.

A picture of our client's grass that is dying from fungus disease and pest infestation in Atlantic Beach.

We Also Offer Aeration, Sod Installation, & Repair

Aeration services are provided in the spring for warm season grasses. For commercial properties, we perform rye seeding for properties with cool season grasses. By aerating your lawn, we are able to provide air and light to the soil, which in turn creates an ideal growing environment for your grass.

Our sod installation and repair service is also available for residential and commercial clients. We can also perform lawn rolling where needed.

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