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Professional placing new sod square onto soil in Beaufort, NC.

Sod Installation In Morehead City, Newport, Atlantic Beach, & Nearby North Carolina Areas

Let us professionally install or repair sod on your property.

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We offer sod installation in Morehead City, Newport, Atlantic Beach, and nearby cities in North Carolina.

We offer premium sod installation to give you a beautiful lawn without the wait!

Installing sod on your property is a great way to achieve a new and beautiful lawn without the wait. It requires a lot less maintenance than traditional grass seed does and, because sod is pre-grown, you will have a lush, green lawn from the day of installation. Our sod installation process includes removing any existing grass and weeds, prepping your soil, and pressing your new sod into place. Not only does our team install sod from scratch, but we can also repair specific spots of sod on your property without having to overhaul your entire lawn and start over. Our company proudly offers our sod installation service to properties in Morehead City, Newport, and Atlantic Beach, North Carolina, as well as nearby areas such as Emerald Isle.

Our Sod Installation Process

Sod being installed by a professional in Atlantic Beach, NC.

Installing sod on your property is an awesome choice. Our 5-step installation process only takes 1 day and, by the time we leave your property, you'll be able to enjoy the look of a green lawn due to the fact that sod is pre-grown.

Our sod installation service is pretty straightforward. The 5-step process looks like this:

  • Prepare Your Soil - Our team will prepare your lawn for your new sod by first removing your existing grass. We will also get rid of any debris, such as twigs or rocks and items that could get in the way of your sod being laid perfectly.
  • Add Topsoil - After preparing your lawn, we will till the soil to even it out and then add a generous layer of topsoil. This is to ensure that the roots of your new sod have enough soil to grab onto and successfully take root.
  • Grade the Soil - Once we've added the topsoil, we will grade it to create an even canvas for your sod.
  • Place the Sod - Now that the soil is ready, we will begin placing the new sod into even rows with secured seams.
  • Press it Down - Once your sod is placed, our crew will use rollers to press it down to secure it even further. This will also encourage the roots of your sod to establish into your soil.

We have been installing sod in the Morehead City area since 2005!

We can also repair your sod without having to replace the whole yard.

If you are noticing bare spots in your otherwise healthy sod, it could be due to a variety of factors including heavy foot traffic, pet urine, and heavy machinery such as your lawn mower. This does not warrant a complete overhaul of your sod! We can simply repair the one spot that is struggling on your lawn and leave the rest of your sod alone.

First, our team will locate the bare areas in your yard. We'll make sure that the issue is, indeed, something such as heavy foot traffic in that one area and not a deeper issue such as a lawn disease. From there, we'll get to work cutting out the sod. Next, we'll move forward like normal with our typical sod installation process.

Give us a call today to schedule our sod installation service!

Newly installed sod for client's lawn in Emerald Isle, NC.

Sod is the quickest way to a new lawn and requires less maintenance than traditional grass seed does. At Wood Lawn & Landscaping, our team delivers high-quality sod installations in Morehead City, Newport, Atlantic Beach, and nearby areas in North Carolina. Call us today at (252) 727-5301 to schedule our service!